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What Sets Mailtropolis Apart

Collective Staff Experience, Quality-Sourced Mailing Lists, Cost-Effective Marketing

Mailtropolis has over 10 years experience in both internet and direct mail marketing, and our goal is to develop programs for our customers that allow them to generate new leads and sales through multiple marketing channels--including Direct Mail.

The Truth About Direct Mail


It's true that we're living in an increasingly digital world, but the direct mail industry is far from dead. Mailtropolis has taken advantage of this misconception to provide our clients with superior results backed by data. While many marketing and advertising agencies claim that internet marketing is the only way to reach millennial consumers, the data say otherwise:


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 Marketing to Millennials


As of April 2016--according to the Pew Reseach Center--millennials are the largest living demographic in the United States at more than 75.4 million. This means smart marketers should be working hard to target these individuals that now make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases according to Futurecast.


A study conducted by InfoTrends--now Keypoint Intelligence--found that 38% of millennials prefer direct mail marketing compared to only 26% preferring email campaigns.


Similarly, a USPS survey found that 47% of millennials look forward to checking their mail each day. A follow-up study in 2016 found that 40% of millennials read their mail thoroughly as opposed to 18% of non-millennials.


And Business2Community found that 63% of millennial consumers credit direct mail for their purchase of a product. 

Targeted Mailing


Using our comprehensive and quality-sourced mailing lists, Mailtropolis can determine and deliver your advertising to the exact clientele and demographics you need to help your business flourish. We can target to consumers, business market, or both!


Mailtropolis' direct mail marketing services target a wide range of lists including: consumers, businesses, new movers, e-mail, and specialty lists. So you can rest assured that your marketing dollars are being spent on the customers YOU are trying to reach.


Prices starting @ $400

Saturation Mailing


Our unparalleled saturation strategy ensures that almost ALL households within a localized area--radius around your business, a specific neighborhood or community, zip code, city, or county--receive your marketing piece via direct mail.

Unlike services like Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM), Mailtropolis' saturation mailing can target the specific demographics most relevant to your business, giving you more bang for your marketing buck.


Prices starting @ $350

Suburban homes in Florida aerial



ReviewedLocal is a carefully curated directory of local businesses in the Central Florida region. With the staff and owners of RL having over 100 years of collective experience living and working in Central Florida, we know the importance of quality service providers.


Are you looking to become an industry leader in your region? Would you like to bring in new customers who will leave you glowing reviews? Then you should consider becoming a part of the RL family. To be accepted into the RL program, your business must pass a Reputation Review (Google, Yelp. BBB, Facebook), provide a GREAT DEAL for your potential new clients, honor a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to all RL clients, and provide RL with a high-resolution logo for advertising purposes.


ReviewedLocal is also proud to partner with local non-profits and charities.


Priced per region:

1 region @ $347
2 regions @ $680
3 regions @ $990
4 regions @ $1288

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