Direct Mail

Direct Mail

The most effective way to get your message to those that matter most: your clients.

However, the success of a direct mail marketing program depends on numerous factors, many of which are not immediately obvious. The format, the design and the target audience will directly impact your results. Furthermore, these same factors can dramatically affect your costs.

We Have the Experience

Mailtropolis can guide you step-by-step in designing and executing an effective direct mail marketing campaign because we have the experience and proven customer satisfaction. With over 10 years of production, you can trust us to deliver a quality and professional final product.


From a single piece layout to entire direct marketing campaigns, Mailtropolis can help you achieve your goals and stay within budget. Using in-house capabilities as well as our relationships with extremely talented business partners, MAILTROPOLIS can help you bring your project in on target, on time and on budget.

High Speed Inkjet Addressing

Mailtropolis' high-speed ink-jet addressing systems print your client's address data directly onto the mail piece. In addition, we can also ink-jet postal permits, return addresses, special messages, and simple bitmap graphics.

Intelligent Mail Barcodes

The New Intelligent Mail Barcode from USPS will allow Mailtropolis to track your mailing through the maze of the what is the mail system to let you know exactly when it will be delivered.


Tabs, (a.k.a. wafer seals), are the small round stickers used to keep self-mailers closed. In order to receive the lowest possible postage rate, certain pieces must be tabbed. The number and location of tabs is dependent upon the specifics of the mail piece. Additionally, special attention-getting stickers, such as “Post It” notes can be applied automatically.

Lettershop Services

One of the most effective and thereby fastest growing areas in direct mail is variable data. In this format, the recipient's name and address as well as a myriad of other personalized information, obtained through specialty mailing lists or internally generated data is systematically inserted into the body of a letter or other advertisement. The effect is a highly personalized and highly effective direct mail piece targeted to each individual in a mass mailing. Be it color or black and white, Mailtropolis can help design the piece and the mailing list/database criteria necessary to maximize your effective application of this medium.

Political Mailing

Effective political mailings require a company that is both quick to respond and has an in-depth knowledge of voter registration databases. It takes experience and an intricate knowledge of the process to be able to create a timely, effective and targeted direct mailing. Mailtropolis has an excellent track record and is pleased to have served numerous successful political campaigns. You can be assured that your message will be delivered on time! In addition to mailings, MAILTROPOLIS can provide business cards, “walking cards”, yard signs, and any other printed communication you may require. Call us today.


Daily, weekly or monthly, Mailtropolis can be your offsite fulfillment department. Whether it is assembling custom packages, or on demand mailing of pre-packaged materials, Mailtropolis can do the job. Mailtropolis has partnerships with all of the major carriers to ensure prompt, guaranteed delivery of your materials. Call us today to find out how we can save time, money and aggravation by taking your fulfillment projects offsite.