Gone Green


Direct Mail advertising is often maligned as being environmentally unfriendly, and not undeservedly so in many cases. If its not done correctly, it’s a total waste of paper: both card stock and money. When done correctly, direct mail can be very effective, but still represents a burden on the environment. That is why Mailtropolis works diligently to minimize our impact on the planet. Every piece of paper brought into or facility is either used in production or recycled. That includes office paper, packaging, scrap, trimmings, even junk food wrappers! Additionally, we suggest all our clients use recycled paper. In fact, all of our standard papers contain at least 10% recycled content. Additionally, we have available the most environmentally friendly paper in America, New Leaf paper.


According to the Environmental Paper Network (EPN), choices about paper use and selection are some of the easiest and most significant actions people can take to impact the planet. In addition to causing water pollution, the loss of native forests and biodiversity, paper production is the third largest industrial energy consumer in the world and one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases.


New Leaf paper is different. New Leaf prides itself on its environmental commitment and authenticity, working with paper mills that incorporate the most sustainable design principles available. New Leaf paper is created with market-leading environmental specifications, from using the highest percentages possible of recycled and sustainably harvested fibers, to processing without the use of toxic chemicals.


100% post consumer recycled paper emits 25-50% less greenhouse gas and consumes ZERO trees.