Our Services

Within each of our program levels, Mailtropolis provides specialized marketing services to get your business on the map.

Responsive Website Design

Our team of professional website designers plan, design, and develop stunning responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic. We make sure that our responsive websites are beautiful across all devices. Our responsive web design makes sure that your business is prepared for the future of mobile web.

Website Hosting

This is where your website lives. Our hosting package includes faster servers and more secure servers. Our website hosting includes monthly (Manual) backups and offsite storage, security updates to insure your website does not get hacked and website software updates to maintain an optimized website.

Business Directory Management

We will setup and distribute your business information to hundreds of business directories online. This helps ensure all your information is correct throughout the web. The major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) use this as one of their ranking factors when determining where they will rank your business for a specific key search.

Local SEO

This is the process of getting your website ranked on the major search engines for your local cities using specific keyword phrase targeting (i.e. your customer goes to Google and search for ``plumber in Orlando``). Our system gets you ranked in the top 10 on the search engine in your area. This portion of the program may take up to 90 Days based on the amount of competition in your area. We track the search improvements from day one.

Automated Review System

Our automated review system is a tool to help you get feedback and testimonials from your customers. Your business now has a simple yet powerful platform to gather customer feedback, measure your Net Promoter Score and encourage online reviews. Our system helps you automate the customer feedback process.

Tracking Phone Numbers

We provide tracking phone numbers for each segment of marketing we are doing inside your program. This allows us to dynamically change direction to increase lead flow and reduce marketing cost or per lead cost. This also syncs into our reporting dashboard to help give you and overall view of your programs.

Reporting Dashboard

We design an easy to use online dashboard that allows you to get a snapshot of the current marketing program we are running and the results you are getting from that program.

PPC Management

Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is a tool we use to get additional traffic to your website and drive up the amount of leads coming in. PPC is a paid advertising model where the potential client goes to the search engine to find a solution too their problem. They see your ad and click on it. The ad takes them to your website and you are charged a small amount of money for them clicking on your ad.

Social Media Management

We develop social media strategies that will help enhance your company's exposure throughout the Internet. Creating strategized posts and advertisements, we market your company where your clients are sure to look. We will typically make one post per work day, keeping your social media presence fresh and up to date.

High Quality Website Content & Distribution

We will develop quality articles used to target specific keyword searches on the Internet. These will be added to your website for on-page optimization. The marketing strategies we employ will help increase your relevance on search engines. We also distribute the content across the web. This allows you to get traffic from other relevant websites as well as links and contact information posted on the distribution sites. This is part of your Local SEO Program.

Direct Mail Program

We will launch a series of direct mail campaigns that will target select neighborhoods each month targeting new prospects. This will also help build brand recognition so when people are ready to make a decision they will chose you. Our program starts at 500 pieces per month.