Political Advertising

Cost. Speed. Accuracy. Detail. Flexibility. Response.
Whether you’re the candidate, the campaign manager, or a dedicated staffer, these are your priorities when choosing a company to fulfill your online and offline campaign marketing and advertising requirements. You need a company that GETS IT as well as a company that can DO IT. And, you need a company that knows your most precious, and hard-earned campaign resource is cash.

We’ve been creating political mail since 1999. We can sort and clean the lists to which you give us access, and create lists of Super Voters based on voting history, gender, age, ethnicity and location.

As Little As 24 Hour Turnaround

We’ve even been able to turn some mailing emergencies the same day. And if you decide there’s a last second tweak you need to make to your message, we can often make those changes to your art in house, to keep the wheels in motion.

We print: palm cards, flyers, door hangers, yard signs, tee shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, magnets, banners, and more!


Web Campaigning

We also have a staff of online marketers. People who can put up a website, set up social media sites and connect them, and create the groundwork for an online campaign in as little as 48 hours. We can even track your results to find out which messages are hitting home with voters and getting them to call or visit your website. And, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it.

So if you’re part of a political campaign, and you need a company to fulfill your online and/or offline advertising needs, look no further than Mailtropolis!