Quality Tips for Printing Excellence


With the proliferation of electronic media channels, designing for print is becoming a lost art. Even if you’re an experienced graphic artist, little tips can help make your good design great on paper.


Acceptable File Formats

Adobe Acrobat PDF – Press Quality WITH 0.125” bleeds and NO crop marks or other marks

Adobe InDesign – Packaged and Zipped before sending

Adobe Illustrator – Please outline fonts or include them when transmitting

Adobe Photoshop – Please remember to convert colors to CMYK from RGB

Acceptable File Formats that will require reformatting and therefore additional charges:

Microsoft Publisher

Corel Draw

Quark Express

Other helpful hints:

  • Please Proofread all text, twice, before submitting
  • All graphics must be at least 300dpi (Dots Per Inch or Pixels Per Inch)
  • Keep all text and graphic elements at least 0.0625” from the border of the trimmed piece and please include a 0.125” bleed on all four sides if the color or graphic element runs all the way to the edge of the piece
  • If you have large areas of black, please use Rich Black (C: 60% M: 40%, Y: 20% K: 100%) rather than just 100% K
  • PreFlight any InDesign or Acrobat files
  • When using InDesign, please go to File/Package to package all the fonts and graphic elements used and then Right Click and Compress the packaged file before sending or uploading
  • Avoid solid colors crossing folds and allow room for folds (vary panel width) when designing trifold or quadfold brochures
  • Remember, your printed piece WILL look somewhat different in your hand then it does on your screen!