Q: How do you know your mail service provider completed every record in your job file? That the correct data was included with every record? And that each record was delivered to its intended recipient?

A: You hire a PSP capable of documenting and reporting:

No job is complete until the
data proves that it is.

Job Allocation File
The upload, decoupling, processing, and recoupling of encrypted data to create a Job Allocation File.

Job Reprint File
A record of pieces with errors in the address data or mapping errors in the PHI or NPI, or that were rejected and placed into a Job Reprint File for automated reprocessing or hand correction.

In Process Proofing
Documentation of coupling of the Job Allocation to the Automated Insertion Management System that documents the number of inserts and contains the data inserted into each envelope.

Job Closed File
Creation of a Job Closed file once the job is completed to the highest degree possible, creating a time and date stamped report of the total job, pages per document, and any rejects.

E-Induction Reports
The upload of all postal presort documentation, along with the Easy Track™ document tracking data to the USPS.

Job Delivery Reports
Time and date stamped tracking of the mail throughout the USPS mail stream until it is out for delivery to a specified recipient.

At the completion of your Mailtropolis
transactional mail job, you’re provided with:

Time Stamped
Proof of Content

Time Stamped
Proof of Production

Time and Geo
Stamped Proof of
Postal Induction
and Delivery