Law firms produce a steady stream of correspondence that contains private information, such as "Turn Down", “Dropped Case” and “Non-Engagement” letters. Personal Injury Litigation firms send out HIPAA Release forms. Bankruptcy and class action litigators are required to send numerous notices that are documented sd to production and delivery. Many of these firms print and mail such correspondence themselves, either weekly or daily, requiring labor, equipment, materials, postage, and time, with less than defensible documentation. 

According to the USPS™, 17% of Americans move each year, leading to invalid addresses and incorrectly directed mail. Additionally, addresses may be incorrect or incomplete, making them undeliverable by the USPS™. If you ever need to prove a document was mailed and delivered, outsourcing is a smart solution. 

Privacy, Accuracy, and Accountability: Mailtropolis will clean and update your mailing data, print, and mail the files and create Proof of Content, Proof of Production, Proof of Mailing, and Evidence of Delivery for your client files. We also do eCertified mailings, Class Action Mailings, summonses, invoices, and bulk notifications, all with legally defensible proof of delivery.