Seamless Acceptance

Mailtropolis is among a select few Certified Full Service
Seamless Acceptance Mail Service Providers in the USA.

Seamless Acceptance Certification Criteria:

  • All mail accuracy and quality verifications are performed electronically reducing complexity
  • Greater feedback and identification of quality and service trends
  • Mailers must participate in Full-Service 
    • Mailings must be submitted electronically using encryption
    • All containers, trays, and pieces must contain a unique Intelligent Mail Barcodes
    • Piece data information must be submitted for every piece, every mailing
  • Participation in eInduction is required
  • Must maintain Quality levels in excess of 99.7 for all criteria measures and reported.
  • Certification is an on-going commitment. Quality and service levels must be maintained as measured and reported monthly to remain a program participant
  • Measured Quality Criteria:
    • Address accuracy and IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) match
    • NO IMB duplicates – ever
    • Sorting and traying accuracy
    • Delivery point accuracy 
    • Postage remittance matches calculations and documentation
    • Piece weight and count accuracy
    • All pallet, tray and piece scans must match exactly with documentation